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1. Touring?
I have no tour planned at the moment as I'm in the studio putting the finishing touches on my next album.

2. I would like to cover/record some of your songs?
Please click on "Licensing" to the left and complete the form. All inquires will be forwarded to Tunecore's licensing department for processing.

3. The media player will not display correctly?
If you get a message "Show all content" or similar click yes. If you still are having problems you can listen to all the songs at

4. When is your next album due?
I'm producing several albums per year.
You can subscribe to my newsletter (see left side) or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to receive notification when a new release is available.

5. I requested one of your songs at my local Radio Station but they didn't have it in their library of music?
You can inform your Radio Station they can download Broadcasting quality MP3 files from for FREE or direct them to my website: for more information

6. Need to contact webmaster or have other questions?


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